Jeff Carroll

Jeff Carroll, mastering engineer, applies finishing touches to recorded music of all genres. Jeff's career began in 1990 at AMI, where he eventually oversaw the output of a five-room mastering suite. A decade later, a stint at the famed Southern Folklife Collection at UNC-Chapel Hill expanded his extensive knowledge of at-risk media and obsolete formats. Jeff eventually opened Bluefield Mastering in 2001, where he continues to master records on a daily basis.

A life-long musician and songwriter, Jeff has been an advocate of music education, fostering community through involvement with various music-oriented projects and non-profit organizations. He has been a featured panelist at several audio and music industry conferences. He is a voting member of the the Audio Engineering Society and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the Grammys).

Jeff's unique combination of musical, technical and communication skills provide clients with unsurpassed quality, service, and creativity in audio mastering. Trusted by musicians, producers, and engineers worldwide, he can assist you in realizing your sonic vision.


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