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Jeff, Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty on my project. Your friendly service, great ears and experience are most appreciated. I look forward to working with you many times in the future. Sincerely, Dano (unsolicited note)

We seriously can't say enough good things about the mastering job, it sounds so damn good! --Duncan Webster (unsolicited email)

Jeff, I got the CD today - It kicks ASS!!! It is ready to roll on to the disc makers. Thanks so much for doing it for us, it sounds great. --Joe Hall (unsolicited email)

I've listened to the album on a couple of different players and so far it sounds awesome. We'll sit with it for a couple more days since we're not in a rush, but I'm pretty confident it's done. Awesome, awesome job once again. Thanks so much --John Booker (unsolicited email)

I suppose from the moment Don [Kerr] started talking about you my gut feeling was to go for you working on the record and I’m so glad I did. The difference is amazing and I feel really good about the record now. When I was starting out with this record I had no idea really where the hell it would end up, but it has for me ended up in a very good place - its the record I always wanted to record. – Stewart Agnew (unsolicited email)

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the great work you did yesterday with us (My Dear Ella) I thoroughly enjoyed the mastering process, I have never participated in it before... I thought you had an objective ear and a solid professional edge, but what impressed me more than that was your own personal spin that allowed you to be open to the music and (with subtle guidance) move it to a significantly higher level of quality. I think a lot of why it was so easy to communicate with you is that we share some of the same musical preferences... which makes it easy when trying to grasp the vision of what we wanted. I hope we can continue to work with you, as we are hoping to release more singles on a regular basis. Thanks again for your time and expertise, Jeff DeWitte – Drummer for My Dear Ella (unsolicited email)

P.S. I want to re-convey that the master of our music sounds wonderful! We are all satisfied with the results. I hope to work with you again. (unsolicited email)

"I can't thank you enough for doing such a great job mastering my album. It sounds amazingly better than the final mixes I sent you." (unsolicited letter)

After completing the mixes for "Starving Artist Sale", I was glad to stumble upon Jeff Carroll. This was my first co-production effort and I was extremely happy with his ability to smooth the mixes and bring out frequencies that we (the production team) had overlooked in the final mixes of the songs. We were impressed with the amount of time he spent with the project and the amount of options he gave us. Jeff's experience and talents as a mastering engineer are well worth any price but he was very fair and was able to work with our budget. I would recommend his services to anyone.

“As far as Jeff Carroll goes as a mastering engineer, he is excellent at what he does. I have yet to hear anything besides quality come from his studio. And hearing the difference between how I sound before and after his mastering, I can tell you that he is a miracle worker.” –Thomas Royal, bassist, quote from Spotlight Magazine - April 2002 (unsolicited quote in article)

“Jeff Carroll is a mastering technician of the highest degree. He did a top-notch job with the project that I sent him. It was the first time I had something mastered without being there, and I am very pleased with everything he did. Jeff even wrote a letter explaining pretty much what he did to get the sounds he wanted for my project, and he even gave me some suggestions about the acoustic bass sound, which was admittedly far too boomy in my mixes. He ironed out the bumps, and left in all the intentional sonic weirdness. I will be sending more of my recordings to Jeff, and I'll also be recommending him to my friends. I trust his ears, and he's a pleasure to work with.” –Don Kerr, Gas Station Recording Studio, Toronto, Canada / drummer, cellist with Ron Sexsmith

“When it comes down to the final step of any recording project for my clients, I place my trust and confidence in Bluefield Mastering to see that the project is taken to its highest form of completion.” –Steve Graham, Here 2 Hear Studios

“Listening to the record on the way home last night and this morning, I am extremely pleased with the results. It sounds really great. I think you have really added a lot to the dynamics we were going for.” –David Heller, guitarist for Analogue II (Rubric Records) (unsolicited email)

“Well let me just go ahead and say that IT ROCKS!!!! We're extremely pleased, and happy that it sounds so good.” --Amy Bowles, keyboardist for Mad Dog Trio (unsolicited email)

"Jeff Carroll did a great mastering job on the new Hobex CD. He also spent extra time and effort making sure we were happy with the end result. Bluefield is definitely worth it."--Greg Humphreys, guitarist & vocalist for Hobex

"Overall we are very happy with the great work you've done on our mixes. You've made a home recording sound professional." John Wahba, producer for Meridian (unsolicited letter)

"Hearing my music after Jeff did his 'magic' I knew that he is a master at his craft, and that I would use him again and again." --Leah Joy

"Sounds great.  In fact, this is my fifth CD and my sixteenth recording and I'd say it's probably the best mastering job I've had done so far - so I'm quite pleased.  Thank you so much and it was great working with you."  --Mark Malachi (unsolicited message left on our answering machine)

Jeff's mastering decisions were spot-on. He brought out the best in our recording and was able to improve upon its weaknesses. He's easy to work with, knows what he's doing, and we felt he really cared about our project. We would look forward to working with him again and highly recommend him to others.

The first 5 songs done in the studio have come out with the headroom and punch they had been missing. They sound like I've never heard them before. That was enough to make me say, 'wow', but I have to tell you, I can't believe the night and day difference you were able to achieve on the songs recorded in my humble studio.

I'm amazed at the separation you were able to get on those final 5 cuts... the distinct separation of the highs and lows with the clear mid vocal is an astonishing feat considering what you started with. The almost-complete elimination of the high end hiss is something I never would have guessed would be possible... not to mention how you were able to cut the mud out of the low end. How you got rid of some of those annoying artifacts is evidence of your professionalism.

You obviously have a damn good ear and damn good equipment. Thank God... now I can concentrate on writing and just laying down clean tracks here without worry or concern as well as continue to use Studio 20 in Nashville for the studio mixes.

No one will hear anything ever again until you put your final touch on it.

Extraordinary is a good word for your efforts.

Thank You................ (unsolicited email)

Hey guys! Just got the master and it's great! Thanks so much--couldn't be happier and it's going off to the radio today. (unsolicited email)

We are thrilled with the job that you did on my music! Thanks for all of your help with this. (unsolicited email)

Listened to the whole CD on studio speakers today and it sounds really fantastic ... much more expansive ..and it sounds like you did some EQing as well which cleared up some frequencies that were vying for the same space on a couple of things...It turned out great and I am really satisfied. If you hang on to the master, I will let you know when to send it and where, once the artwork is done! I'll call you again at some point... Thanks, Lawrence (unsolicited email)

Jeff I have been listening to the CD of mine you mastered against XXXXXXX mastered by XXXXXXX in Nashville and XXXXXXXX mastered by XXXXXXXX .... and am wondering if Sugar Hill or Warner Brothers would put out my CD.... it sounds just as good. Thanks Jeff for sorting and fixing and bringing the past to life. -Ken (unsolicited email)

Hey Jeff, We love the CD! Awesome work and thanks for your efforts. --Kevin

I talked to boxbomb and they really liked the mastering job and the remix. So i guess we are gonna rock that record, and have you master it. Prob gonna start that one in late October. So awesome man.

Hello Jeff....I just received the CDs on Friday....they sound great, perfect.

Yes, we did receive the CD refs and they sound great!! The bonus tracks sound fantastic. A huge improvement on how they originally sounded. Dred is finishing up the art right now and I think we are leaning on going with Disc Makers. We will let you know where to send the master as soon as everything is a go. Thank you once again for another awesome performance. -Natasha


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